Frog Rosbeef
Marcelline Lapouffe

Marcelline Lapouffe is a young artist living in an eccentric universe, taking her first steps in the world of art. The name is an original pseudonym, one which allows her to hide behind a character that both amuses her and offers her the freedom with which she can express her take on life, in her own way, with humour and fantasy.

Her first creations were customised skeletons, where each piece stood for a theme. Whether the idea is to associate a notion strongly related to a reflection on evil – gluttony, lust, greed… – or, on the contrary, to associate notions of happiness and freedom to a gloomy support, the result of these associations is far from macabre.

Highly colourful, shown with a heavy dose of tongue in cheek, the bones come back to life, looking quite natural, even friendly… Marcelline Lapouffe has always been fascinated by skeletons. Deep down, they are each man's support, whether he be black or white, good or bad, atheist or believer, intelligent or stupid. Everybody has them. That is why she uses this fragile structure to get her messages across, raising people's awareness to the fact that our bodies are the most beautiful art pieces in the world.

Marcelline Lapouffe has also tackled other body parts: skulls, hearts, brains, cells, viruses, etc…, hoping to show them under a new light, a sort of nod and wink to life.